Kennedy Franchise Consultants understands the unique and exciting challenges of a new franchisee. Let our knowledge guide you through the franchise process. Our tailored approach includes fee -free services, such as a consultation, assessment, and support. Call Today 813.494.1729.

Team Approach

Plus, we have a whole team to help you with details like financing, accounting and legal review. To learn more about our approach, check out our step-by-step franchise guide below and take our assessment today. (Not all of the steps may apply to you and sometimes the order may vary, but this will give you a good starting point.)


You’ve been dreaming about owning your own business, but after weeks on the internet, you’re still not sure about what is right for you. You really don’t know where to start. Or you have started, but don’t really know how to pick the best one for you. Perhaps you know exactly what you want but feel intimidated by the franchise process.

That’s where we come in: We’ll give you the tools and guidance to get your vision out of your head and into action. Once you contact us, we’ll begin with a free consultation.


Next, we’ll talk about you. Your free consultation typically takes place by phone, from the comfort of your home. This is not an interview or an application; our conversational approach helps us learn your talents, past work experience, and professional strengths. If you’re committed to owning and operating a business, we’ll find the franchise that’s right for you.


Now, the fun part: We’ll help you look into your strengths and passions to help us find the best franchises for you. Think of it as a professional personality quiz – except there are no wrong answers! We’ll talk about your finances, your goals for the future and the way you want to spend your work days.

We’ll use this information to help us find  business models that might  be right for you. Once we have all that, we’ll do our research and make our recommendations. Click the button below to get started now!


After we review your assessment, we really get to work. We look at our 300+ franchise partners to find the ones that may be the best fit for you.

Then we’ll share 3-4 business models for which you might match their qualifications and they meet your skills and goals. We’ll explore options based on everything from when you want to work to where you want to live, along with a number of other elements. We do all the work of filtering through all the options to help narrow the field for you.

From there, you’ll decide which one looks best to you. Then we’ll make the connection. 

Most often, the one you decide to look at is exactly where you land, but if not, we go back to the drawing board. The goal is for you to find what you are looking for.


Our process doesn’t end there. We’ll continue to support your quest for the perfect franchise. We’ll recommend everything from franchise attorneys to the top questions to ask a franchisor during the interview process. We’ll even provide you insight into the Franchise Disclosure Document.

Once you are connected with the franchisor, you’ll go through their process which will include some or all of the steps below.

  • Conversations and webinars
  • Reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  • Discovery Day – where you visit the franchisor
  • Talking with franchisees – find out what life is really like
  • Signing your agreement


Growing a business certainly isn’t easy, but choosing a franchise does ease the burden. Franchisors come with the benefit of tools and solutions for common problems your business might face, especially in the beginning. From training to process manuals to inventory, franchisors have signposts at every turn – all you need to do is follow them.


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