Today there are more dollars being spent on enrichment programs for kids than ever before. If you are looking for a business that does well while you are doing good, this industry could be right for you.

What kinds of businesses are focused on children and teens? There are a variety of businesses, from tutoring to enrichment. And most don’t need the owner to know about the subject. The owner’s job is to grow and manage the business.

So if you have an interest in seeing the next generation grow and learn, but are not an educator, musician or artist, that is OKAY. These businesses want your passion, ability to manage people and processes and your marketing or networking skills.

Here are a few categories to explore:

  • TUTORING -there are 2 basic kinds of tutoring franchises, those that are taught in centers and those that are taught in-home. Both typically offer skills and subject tutoring as well as classes to prep for ACT and SAT tests. The centers can be a slightly higher initial investment, but some people prefer to have all their employees in one place. The in-home tutoring allows the student to work in their own home as the tutors go to them.
  • ART PROGRAMS-as Arts programs are removed from schools, parents are looking for ways to still offer this opportunity to their kids. Art programs are sometimes offered as after-school programs in the schools or community centers. Other models have studios or storefronts where the children come to class. They may also offer summer programs, school vacation programs and birthday parties.
  • STEM PROGRAMS-today there are more options to get kids excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). These are enrichment classes or camps that are hands on. The students might build a robot or code a new program or learn how to make a new product design. These classes often ignite an interest in students in fields that are growing by leaps and bounds.
  • MUSIC PROGRAMS-from mommy and me music programs through school programs there are several franchises that encourage the use of music for learning and play. One in particular uses the space already being used for dance and other lessons, so the space cost is only for the rental of the time used.
  • FITNESS PROGRAMS-Kids fitness programs run the gamut from swimming lessons to full on gyms. They start in pre-school where a bus can come to the students and go all the way up to high school where kids can go to gyms that build strength, stamina and all-around fitness.

There are some great franchises in each of these categories. If you have an interest in learning more, reach out to me at or schedule a call and we can see which franchise might be right for you and which has availability in your market!