Frequently Asked Questions About Franchising

Why Buy A Franchise

Systems, support and training. When you buy a franchise, you are buying the franchise system’s proven method of doing business. Franchising offers individuals the opportunity to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. The franchisor provides support with all the different functions of the business. They have seen the issues that can arise in their business and know how to deal with any problems effectively. They provide extensive initial training and support so you’re well prepared to handle whatever comes. The Franchisor can also provide advertising and marketing support to help build your business. In addition small business lenders look more favorably on a franchise concept that is proven.

Why Use A Franchise Broker or Consultant?

We spend hours each week researching franchises so you don’t have to. Our experience and knowledge are the top reasons. The fact that our services are free is a big bonus for you. We help you to choose the safest, most successful business opportunities available. We can save you weeks or months in research time and introduce you to concepts that you may not have even thought about.

Our corporate group takes over 3 months to vet a concept. We want to make sure that the franchises we represent are viable options for our clients. Then I spend hours each week on webinars, looking at Franchise Documents and talking with Development Directors to learn what I can about the system.

And there is no cost to you for this service. The price of the franchise and associated fees will not be higher if you choose to use Kennedy Franchise Consultants, or lower if you go direct to the franchisor.


How Much Does A Franchise Broker Cost?

Our fees are paid by the franchisor, so there is no fee to you. Our Franchise partners realize the quality and fit of a client referred by Kennedy Franchise Consultants.

Is Financial Assistance Available?

There are many business models and many options for financing. From using your retirement savings to franchisor incentives, there are many options available. 

Do I need Specific Industry Experience To Successfully Run A Franchise?

In most cases the answer is NO. In fact most franchisees have had no experience in the industry that they go into. They choose the franchise for the lifestyle, their excitement for the concept or any number of other reasons.

In fact, most Franchisors want their business operators to focus on running the business and not performing the labor their concepts require. Franchisees are typically managers, rather than workers. Franchisors need people who can be effective in areas such as motivating employees, generating sales, and running the day-to-day operations as effectively as possible.

How Do I know You Have My Best Interest In Mind

Franchisors are pretty picky when it comes to awarding franchises. So it is our interest, as well as yours,  to only show you franchises that could be a fit.

How Soon Can I Get Started?
This one depends almost completely on you. Our consulting process can be completed easily within a few days if you are motivated. Once we present concepts, most clients can find a great match for them within a month or two. After you select the right business for you, it will typically take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months for your actual business to open for operation.