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5 Franchises with Discounts for Veterans

Franchises with discounts for veterans understand that veterans make some of the best franchisees. Why? They know how to follow a system, they understand that the manual is their guide to success and they know how to be part of a team. This is just a small sampling....

Franchises That Pay You.

Looking for a franchise that pays you? Sound too good to be true? It isn't. There are actually a few franchises that actually pay you a minimum salary or bonuses to help you get started in your first year or two. They are solid businesses with great track records, but...

4 Myths About Franchises

Myth #1 -Franchises are all about food. Sure there are a lot of food franchises out there. But there are even more franchises of other types of businesses. Everything from house cleaning to painting to hydraulic hose replacement. There are franchises that specialize...

Franchise Funding

Franchise funding is an important topic to think about even before you thing about which franchise to buy. However, don't get too far into the weeds about it, as many franchisors will work with you on the funding if you meet all the other criteria. So what...

Fear of Franchising

I ain't afraid of no franchise! Fear of franchising comes in may forms. You may not even know it. We all have different ways of coping. There are several common fears people have about getting into business. Franchising can help mitigate them, but there are other...

Pros & Cons of Franchise Ownership

Pros and cons of franchise ownership are important things to weigh when you think about changing your life and building a business. Pros: Not in Business by Yourself Systems Experience Validation With Other Franchises Regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)...

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