A Blue Moon Estate Sales Franchise helps families sell their treasures and helps you be a boss!

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Is Blue Moon Estate Sales the best franchise for you?

If you’re ready to quit corporate life or start a new chapter doing something meaningful and fun, there is no better opportunity than owning an estate sale franchise with Blue Moon.

Owning an Estate Sale Business is ideal for people who enjoy working with people and want a flexible work schedule.  It takes someone with skill in planning, organizing, and marketing.  Best of all, Blue Moon Estate Sales is one of the few franchisors that offer health insurance for franchise owners.  

Listen to franchise owners, Jonathon & Jeannette Tinkey, talk about their experience.

Blue Moon Estates is a franchise opportunity with positive community impact.  Feel good about what you do, and be rewarded financially for your hard work.

About the Growing Estate Sale Industry

Estate sales used to only be associated with the passing of wealthy society members. But times have changed! Today, more people than ever are finding relief and meaning in selling their possessions:

  • The estate sale industry has quadrupled in size over the last decade as the American population has aged.
  • Almost half of adults over 50 plan to downsize after retirement—that’s a lot of decluttering!
  • Over 100 million Baby Boomers are on the verge of retirement in America, fueling the living estate sale surge.

Older Americans are ready to move onto a simpler lifestyle with less stuff, and we’re happy to help find a good home for their treasures!

Our Success Model

We’ll help you so you can help others! 

  • Strong brand presence, including digital traffic
  • A customer rewards program to incentivize loyalty
  • Extensive training on referral networking
  • Expert guidance for pricing items, selling and marketing items
  • A franchise coach to provide guidance
  • Complete technology solutions to enhance the efficiency of your business
  • A national support network of like-minded professionals, backed by Best Life Brands
  • Medical insurance

Build your sales team and your own success with this feel-good franchise opportunity.


What They Said

Toby Affuso, Owner/Operator of Blue Moon Estate Sales of Northern Virginia

“I am so much happier since I said goodbye to corporate life! I have been successful, and I feel very proud of the value I am providing and the achievements I’ve made.”

- Chris and Terri Dickson of Blue Moon Estate Sales of the Triad

“Four years working our tails off building our business in a small townhome. We’re building our new dream home in year five. Hard work pays off!”


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