Work from home. Most people just dream about it. While those people are sitting in traffic, I’m enjoying a second cup of coffee by my pool. (Don’t hate me I live in Florida where it is about to get very hot).

I have done the commute–at one point up to 3 hours each way. It was a pain. But I had golden handcuffs. Eventually it wasn’t worth it. Today my commute is less than a minute. Even if I stop for coffee on the way to my office by way of the kitchen.

I love the freedom and flexibility of a home based business and the hours I save on a commute.

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And I LOVE my office. I just redecorated. (I have a video about how building Ikea Shelves is like Franchising)

It feels warm and inviting and has photos of our latest trips. And yes–now and again I nap on that couch. You can’t see my new glass whiteboard, but that is operations central- so work really does get done here.

Home Based Franchise Ideas

So what franchises allow you to work from home? Here are a few categories of Home Based Franchises that allow you the option of starting from home. Some continue that way and others need a little bit of space as you grow.

  1. Coaching/Training-from sales training to business coaching to peer groups, there is a lot of opportunity for the right person to work with business owners and leaders and their employees to help them grow their businesses. Typically looking for people who have good business acumen.
  2. Tutoring-there are a number of tutoring and enrichment programs for kids from a few months old through high school. From one one one tutoring to group enrichment. Some need centers, but many can be run from your home as you either rent space as needed or your tutors work in the home of the student.
  3. Marketing-There are a number of options from direct mail programs to digital marketing these are great options for people with sales backgrounds who want lower investment models that can produce recurring revenue.
  4. Event Concessions-do you love meeting new people? There are several options for concessions at events, convention centers, football games, etc. From roasted nuts to smoothies and coffee there are trailers, booths and trucks that can show up and sell fast moving high demand items. These can make great part time or seasonal opportunities. There are some kiosk models that can also be run from home with employees working at the mall.
  5. Home Repair/Remodeling -there are a few options that allow you to work from home as your base. The calls come in and you or your crew head out to service them. These might include painting companies and even repairs like leather and vinyl repairs chairs, boat and airplane seats, etc.
  6. Home Decor -Flooring, window coverings and other home decor businesses can also be run out of your home. Most involve heading out to the client’s home or business, but you can start from your home office each day and when you are not on the road.
  7. Business Services-Did you know that there are businesses that help save other businesses money? They can also help government, universities and businesses buy products and services.

These are just a few of the categories of home-based franchises that allow the owner to work from home. Some of them can be done completely from home (like franchise consulting or government contracting) and others home is your base, but you go out to call on your clientele.

Either way you reap the benefit of lower overhead, a more flexible lifestyle and you gain hours a day without having a commute. If you want more information on how you can find home based options that fit your lifestyle and financial needs, reach out to me at or schedule a meeting on my calendar.