Franchises with discounts for veterans understand that veterans make some of the best franchisees. Why? They know how to follow a system, they understand that the manual is their guide to success and they know how to be part of a team. This is just a small sampling. Contact me know if you want to find out more about these businesses or any other franchise.


Positioned in a traditionally “mom & pop” industry, HOODZ is a name poised to become synonymous with “hood cleaning”.  Kitchen Hood Cleaning and its vast array of ancillary services is a REQUIRED NECESSITY for every Restaurant, Hospital, Hotel, University, Public School, Grocery Store, Nursing Home, etc. On average these institutions are cleaned 4 times a year.
HOODZ is owned by BELFOR, the World’s Largest Property Damage Restoration Company.  BELFOR has offices in 29 Countries and is approaching $2 billion in sales annually.   They also own DUCTZ and 1-800 Water Damage which also offer discounts.


Tutor Doctor has been dedicated to student development for over 10 years, offering preschool, kindergarten, elementary, high school, university, and adult programs.  Our teaching methodology utilizes “one-to-one” learning and incorporates an understanding of different student learning styles. Our platform is based on a tailored “one-to-one” approach that addresses the basic foundations of concepts learned.  The program fills in missing bricks of academic concepts, consolidates that with current expectations, and then moves ahead to future requirements. Their special individualized programs give each student the best chance to achieve his or her academic goals.  We look at the both foundational concepts and future concepts to ensure that each student is learning progressively.


WOOPS! is a vibrant gifting French macaron kiosk and in-line bakeshop franchise with the mission of sharing authentic international treats, sweets, sandwiches and coffee with the American public.  Two different models, a Bake Shop or Kiosk.

WOOPS! is the nation’s larget macaron retailer with 43 locations – and rapidly expanding across the country nationwide – and is uniquely poised to capture an outsized share of the booming $310 billion American baking industry.

WOOPS!’ products go beyond the fantastic macaron, as WOOPS! produces and procures confections, pastries and beverages from around the world, allowing an individual to indulge for themselves and create a fantastic sharing experience. Franchisees focus on selling both at retail and using non-retail channels such as B2B, events, and corporate gifting.

Grounds Guys

The Grounds Guys is a full-service grounds care company that belongs to the Neighborly family of service based franchises. Their established systems allow them to deliver industry-leading lawn care and landscape solutions to commercial and residential clients. Build on a family tradition of caring, they are driven by a passion to exceed customer expectations and consistently deliver client satisfaction.

The lawn and landscape service industry is estimated to take in $67 billion annually. Landscaping and lawn care services continue to be in demand regardless of the economic climate. No matter the season, homeowners and commercial property owners will need to care for their property. This is where The Grounds Guys come in.

1-800-Water Damage

1-800-Water Damage is an exciting new franchise from Belfor – The World’s Largest Property Restoration Company. Their Zees focus on water damage, mold remediation and carpet cleaning.

1-800 Water Damage is THE most innovative and unique opportunity in the Franchise Industry today! 

When you join the 1-800 Water Damage Team with an “All In” Investment of $59,000, they will provide you with over $200,000 to cover the cost for your Equipment, Vehicle and every other Capital Expenditures needed to launch the business.

They will give you $60,000 in guaranteed salary (paid out in the first 2 years. $30K – Yr 1 / $30K – Yr 2 to help cover your personal expenses while you are getting the business started.