Are you looking for a business that works primarily with other businesses? There are several franchise opportunities that focus on the Business to Business (B2B) market. They are great for people who prefer to work more often with other professionals. Some of these may have a consumer clientele as well.

Sign Shops. Today the sign shop is so much more than just birthday banners. They can be full service branding companies and can offer everything from car wraps to lighted signs and magnetic wall signage. They can grow as large as your imagination takes you. Total investment range Approximately $200,000

Employment Agencies. In good times or in bad, employment agencies flourish because hiring managers need help in screening the best candidates. There are agencies that focus on executive recruiting, restaurants, medical employees and temporary employees. Total Investment Approximately $150,000 +

Shipping and Packing Stores. Like sign shops, these stores have grown ever more important and offer many more services to the small business owner. They are especially helpful to the many home-based businesses. Total Investment Approximately $220,000

Computer Repair/Networking. Both home-based and small businesses often need computer repair or networking but don’t have the money to have full time support.. The right partnership can be invaluable. As homes and offices become “smarter” the need will grow to have someone help understand how everything should connect. Total Investment Approximately $150,000

Training and Development. From sales training to executive leadership to peer group advisory boards, there are a number of training and development franchises that are perfect for the sales leader or corporate executive. These are often home based businesses that allow you to make your own hours and grow your own way. Total Investment Approximately $100,000

These are som of the top ideas in the B2B space, but there are several others. Specific brands also have different offerings. The best way to know which ones might be a right fit is to talk to an experienced franchise consultant who can help you navigate the sea of franchises.

If you are looking to learn more about a B2B franchise, reach out to me at or book a call here. There is no fee for my services, as a recruiter for the franchise, my fee is paid by them. And you pay no more or less for your franchise by working with me either.