Is Franchising Right For You?

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The franchisors pay us to find the right candidates. So all of our services are free to you!

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“Working with Mariruth from Kennedy Franchise Consultants was AWESOME! With her expertise and knowledge, we have been able to navigate the twists and turns of finding a franchise that was right for us.”

Finding the Right Franchise

Finding The Right Franchise Isn’t Easy.

But with our help, you can be on your way to a successful career as a franchisee.

A franchise is a great way to get into business for yourself, but NOT BY YOURSELF. And Franchise businesses have a 90% success rate.  Much higher than starting your own business model.

Helping You Find A Franchise

Whether you are dreaming about leaving a corporate job, are just starting out and don’t want to think about working for someone else, or you have been downsized, there are franchises that are out there for you!

FREE Franchise Consulting SERVICES

We are here to help match you with companies who are looking for people with your skills, abilities and talents. And our services are FREE to you.

Financing a Franchise

There are franchises at all investment levels. And there are many ways to finance your franchise as well. From special Franchisor programs to using your retirement, there are ways we can point you in the right direction. Contact us to learn more!

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Featured Franchises

JUST A FEW of the hundreds of franchises we represent. Contact us for more information on over 300+ franchises.

Our Top Featured Brand

American Freight- A true Semi-Absentee business with few employees and quick inventory turnover. Click on the logo to learn more!

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Real Property Management
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Lapels Franchise For Sale
Real Property Management
Real Property Management
Lapels Franchise For Sale
Voodoo Brewery Franchise For Sale
Real Property Management
Mosquito Joe Franchise for Sale

FREE Franchise Consulting Services !

Like an executive recruiter, my Franchise Consulting services are paid by the company.


Once we find the right company for you, I make the introduction, and if it is a right fit, and you are awarded a franchise, I get paid. Your assurance that I’m showing you what’s right for you is the fact that I don’t get paid unless you are a right fit. 


With over 25  years of experience in business, franchising and business ownership I can help you find the right business and save time and money!

What Does a Franchise Broker Do?

We offer FREE services to people looking for a franchise. There are thousands of franchises and it is our job to help you find out which ones you qualify for from financial, competency and lifestyle criteria. Every week we spend hours learning about franchise systems that have been vetted by our headquarters.

A franchise broker provides a free and valuable service for those looking to get involved with the franchise industry. With expertise in franchise sales, franchise brokers are experienced in helping buyers evaluate franchise opportunities and find the best fit for their interests and goals.

Franchise brokers can provide insight into the franchise process, offering advice on questions to ask, act as a sounding board and connect you to financing options. By leveraging our knowledge of the franchise world, franchise brokers can be true assets when seeking out potential franchise opportunities.


Our first step is to consult with you. We want to find out your interests, skills and lifestyle and financial goals. We want to know about you to give you the best options for you.


Once we understand what you are looking for, we get to work. We sift through our 300+ vetted franchise partners to match your strengths, lifestyle and aptitudes to the right Franchisors.


After we have gone through our assessment and understood what you are looking for, we introduce you to specific concepts for which you are most likely qualified.


As you go through the process with the franchise company, we are there by your side to answer any questions and give you support with tips on how to move through the process.


Franchises are looking for non-traditional, as well as traditional franchisees. You might be eligible for a little extra help. And even if you aren’t in any of those classes, you may still be eligible for assistance in getting started. Franchises are looking for great candidates, and if you look great on paper, but need some financial assistance, there are franchises looking for you too!